Residential & Commercial Services

Tree/Shrub Removal

Tree removal can be a very dangerous process and requires specialized equipment and in some cases, an experienced tree climber. Tree removal should be handled by a professional to prevent damage to surrounding areas. Due to the high risks, we do not recommend anyone try to remove a tree without proper equipment and experience.

Tree Trimming & Pruning
Tree trimming and pruning is the art of maintaining your trees to encourage healthy growth. It can also help homeowners to achieve a desirable landscape through regular and proper tree pruning. Improper pruning can severely damage or kill trees by allowing insects or other pathogens to infiltrate the tree.
Tree Health Evaluations

Our tree experts will inspect your lawn to identify safety risk and target dead or problem trees. Accurately identifying trees for removal requires extensive education and expertise, and our experts have been successfully evaluating trees for 25 years.

Stump Grinding
There is no stump too big or too small for our grinder. We have a grinder to fit your needs – we can even get into tight spaces. The best way to remove unwanted tree stumps and their roots is by stump grinding. This procedure leaves virtually no trace that a tree was ever there, leaving your lawn smooth and stump-free.
Hazard & Safety Pruning
After a health evaluation of your trees, pruning may be necessary to prevent hazards and to keep your family safe.
Preventative Pruning & Trimming
Preventative pruning and trimming may be necessary to ensure certain hazards do not develop.

Other Services

Seasonal Decoration Installation
Our bucket truck can reach a height of 78 feet and can help both residential and and commercial customers decorate those hard to reach places.
Firewood Sales
We gather wood throughout the year and season it properly to sell to residents for the cold months. Many people feel that after a few months of being dry, the wood is properly seasoned but it is only after an entire year that it is ready to be sold.

Winter Services

Snow Plowing
We offer plowing services to both residential and commercial customers.
Roof Snow Removal
Snow melting on your roof may leak through the shingles and into your home causing water damage. We can help to prevent the damage by removing the snow before it causes damage.
Gutter Clearing
Blocked gutters can cause water damage by forcing water to drain into the walls of your home possibly costing you thousands of dollars for mold removal. Having your gutters cleared in the spring and fall can help to prevent this damage.
Ice Dam Removal
Ice dams become damaging when the heat from your home melts the snow and ice on your roof and causes the water to leak into your home. The removal of the dams can prevent the water damage.

Emergency Services

When it comes to emergency services, priority will be given to the most severe emergencies. We will serve our customers as quickly as possible.
Tree Removal
Emergency tree removal is very common after a storm. Trees can fall onto homes, cars, lawns, and streets. Priority will be given to the most severe emergencies.
Tree Trimming
After a storm, trees that remain standing may have broken branches which may require trimming to prevent further damage and to keep your family safe.
Hazard & Safety Pruning
Safety is always a number one priority with P&S Tree Service. Large broken branches, leaning trees, and other hazards may be caused by the storm and need to be removed immediately before any further damage can be caused. Priority will be given to the most severe situations.

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